Darin Gordon


Medicaid Director


Darin Gordon is TennCare’s director and deputy commissioner for the state Department of Finance and Administration. He is currently the longest serving TennCare Director.

Under Mr. Gordon's leadership since 2006, the state's Medicaid managed care insurance program has retained control of its finances, placed full financial risk back with the managed care organizations across all regions of the state, formulated a comprehensive redesign of the state’s long-term care program, and refocused TennCare’s management energy on improving the health care status of its 1.2 million enrollees. Mr. Gordon is credited with creating an infrastructure that provides enhanced analytical capabilities to help assess cost and utilization information and to better inform program decision-making. During his tenure, TennCare has experienced the lowest cost growth rate since its inception.

Since October 2002, Mr. Gordon has held numerous senior management positions in TennCare, with responsibilities for the management and supervision of its managed care organizations, As the program’s chief financial officer, he was tasked with all financial and budget-related activities of the program.  

Mr. Gordon's background is mainly in health care financing, including more than seven years of experience with the Bureau of TennCare. Prior to joining TennCare, he was a budget analyst with the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration, where he was deeply involved in the financial analysis, planning and oversight of several health-related agencies within state government - including TennCare.

Mr. Gordon serves as a member on the Executive Committee for the National Association for State Medicaid Directors and is the national chair for the Quality Technical Advisory Group for Medicaid. He is also a member of the State Health Plan Advisory Committee. Additionally, Mr. Gordon serves as a senior advisor to the co-chair for the National Governors Association Health Reform Task Force and as a member of the State Consortium on Health Reform Implementation.

Leadership Project

Focused on full integration of dual eligibles into the TennCare managed care program, which has already accomplished integration of behavioral health and Medicaid financed long-term care.

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