Julie Weinberg

New Mexico

Medicaid Director (2011-2015)


Julie B. Weinberg served as director of New Mexico’s Medicaid program from 2011-2015. Ms. Weinberg came to the Medical Assistance Division of the New Mexico Human Services Department in the fall of 2007 and served as deputy director until September 2010, when she accepted the role of acting director.  

As Medicaid director, Ms. Weinberg oversaw a $3.8 billion comprehensive health insurance program that covers one in four New Mexicans. The program is the largest purchaser of health care services in the state. As director, Ms. Weinberg focused her efforts on the integration of physical and behavioral health services, and payment and delivery reform. She sought to redesign the Medicaid program’s structure in order to reduce administrative costs, improve the quality of care, improve health outcomes, and ready the program for expanded enrollment in 2014.

Ms. Weinberg has spent most of her career in Medicaid. Prior to her work at the state, Ms. Weinberg spent 17 years with the New Mexico Medicaid fiscal agent. During her tenure there, Ms. Weinberg worked with providers and provider associations; planned and implemented projects to support new Medicaid program initiatives; ran the fiscal agent account; and worked on Medicaid Management Information System development, design and implementation.

Ms. Weinberg graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Leadership Project

Develop a risk-based payment methodology designed to promote the effective integration of physical and behavioral health care for American Indians/Alaskan Natives.