Valerie Harr

New Jersey

Director of the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services


Valerie Harr was appointed director of the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (DMAHS) in December 2010. DMAHS administers New Jersey’s $10 billion state and federally funded Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs that provide health coverage for eligible low to moderate income residents. Through its programs, DMAHS serves more than one million people in the state. Ms. Harr’s leadership experience at DMAHS also includes previously serving as DMAHS’ deputy director and budget director.

Prior to joining DMAHS, Ms. Harr worked in the State’s Office of Management and Budget and worked on Medicaid policy at the Center for Health Care Strategies. She has a master’s degree in sociology from West Virginia University.

Leadership Project

Implement a non-risk managed behavioral health program for adults coordinating physical and behavioral health services with a braid block grant including state and Medicaid funds.

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