Regional Healthcare Partnerships Planning Summit

Wed, 11/09/2011

Texas Health and Human Services Commission is holding a Regional Healthcare Partnerships Summit from November 13-14, 2011 in Austin. This is an invitation only event.  Focus of the summit will be obtaining input for establishing projects for the Delivery System Incentive Payment Pool (DSRIP).


Preliminary List of DSRIP Categories 1-4 Projects and Key Health Challenges

This is the full list of survey responses of potential projects for DSRIP Categories 1-4 and input from THA, THOT, TMA, UT, and DSHS. The list serves as background information in preparation for the RHP Planning Summit. During the summit breakout sessions, participants will work off the summarized responses to the Categories.

Background Materials

These articles serve as background information on best practices in preparation for the RHP Planning Summit and are not specifically endorsed by HHSC.

Increasing Access to Behavioral Health

Increasing Innovation In Behavioral Health

Increasing Access to Primary Care

Increasing Access to Specialty Care

Improving Rates of Potentially Preventable Admissions/Readmissions

39 Week Induction Bundles

Increasing the Pipeline for More Primary Care Doctors


Local Restaurants List


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